"The first impression that gives a woman as soon as she walks in is the one that remains in the spirit of a man. It is this moment where she asserts herself as a woman, she is who she is, irresistible, daring feminity, surprising, in search of Exclusivity and unafraid to be unreasonable.

She moves forward, her fragrance trail in her wake. Everything about her is free; free to decide, free to choose, indifferent to commentary; her motto: Be Mine.

It is this moment of extreme emotion which I wanted to create through my first fragrances".

-- Yvona K.

The Fragrances

AMOROSO takes flight with top notes of fresh and powerful coriander, clary sage, anise and pepper notes, combined with the radiant citrus of bergamot, mandarin and lime. In the middle notes, the charisma of the Jasmine and the elegance of the iris reveal the vibrant personnality of this perfume. The mysterious charm of the amber, the patchouli, the cedar and the musk in the bottom notes, releases the virile signature of AMOROSO.

POSSESSIVE. Yvona K. signs her first collection dedicated to all women around the world, possessive just for a moment, a day or possessive for ever. It entrails us towards an emotion of colors rich in strong symbols, inspired by the flowers.

Three Fragrances, dare the one that suits you.