"Yvona K. when Dream meets Passion."

Since her early childhood, Yvona K. was very passionate about the world of Fragrances and Cosmetics ; she enjoyed mixing perfumes to make unique scents which she filled in small bottles and on each of them she signed carefully "Yvona K.".

After a phD in Cosmetology at the faculty of Paris, Yvonne Karouni pursued her passion by entering the renowned school ISIPCA where she specializes in the art of scents. She linked very quickly theory and practice by working with prestigious French and International brands of Perfumes & Cosmetics.

Always in search of the exceptional, of experience, of innovation and new technology, she attends all worldwide most important Fragrances and Cosmetics fairs as well as scientific congresses.

Her creations have already gone around the world and are appreciated by international celebrities like Robert de Niro, Don Johnson, Steven Segal, Jean Claude van Damme, Raquel Welsh, Faye Dunaway, Grace Jones, Michelle Rodriguez, jewelers like Avakian, notorious characters like Sheika Moza of Quatar, Princess Nouf Abd el Majid of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Al Qassimi of the Emirates, Yosra of Egypt, Prince Azim of Brunai.

Yvona K. or the encounter between
Dream and Passion

"Perfume", a word filled with dreams and feelings, Yvona K. makes it the purpose of her life.

Yvona K. dreams to establish her own brand which is born in 2010 with its offices and a laboratory in Grasse in the South of France. Her wonderful ambition is to spread her niche fragrance brand "made in France" worldwide. Her main rules are to respect the nobility and authenticity of the fragrances, the rigor in the design of the bottles and packaging also to meet a essential criterion, which is the originality and exclusivity of the concept while preserving the tradition of the French "Haute Parfumerie".

Yvona K. cultivates the custom-made and devotes her talents and expertise to the most demanding customers worldwide in search of the accomplishment of their own perfumes.

After a stopover in Los Angeles where she realizes fragrance projects for celebrities, she returns to Paris and create, in 2012, her first collection of perfumes, Possessive for women, Amoroso for men.

Together with her team based in Paris, New York and Dubai, Yvona K. does not stop spreading her fame worldwide in order to share with the largest number the personality of her signature which tells the story of her passion.